Present Perspective is based on the philosophy that life is a series of changes and transitions. Life can often feel overwhelming, frustrating, even fragile, when in the midst of one of those transition times.  

Although the right answers are always within us, finding them is no easy task.

The Present Perspective cards are a tool to help calm your inner mind, direct your attention and thought process to a different venue – scenes in nature and nature’s symbolism through photography – and allow you to give voice to the reactions and thoughts evoked by our images.  If you can alter your view of a current situation, you are often better able to address the emotional, spiritual and physical challenges of these issues in your life.  The Book offers insights into a possible interpretation of the 80 cards included in the deck. 

Relax, feel and listen. Let your reaction to the cards give you the gift of perspective, distance, challenge, insight and freedom to go where you need to go. Enjoy this opportunity for gentle self-reflection and purchase the Present Perspective book and cards for yourself or as a gift for others in your life. 

FRONT AND BACK COVER OF THE BOOK                                                                                                      SAMPLE OF THE CARD DECK


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Mary S. Woloson is a former human resources executive with a management degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. With a passionate love for nature, she has worked to nurture a connection with the natural world outside of her busy day-to-day family life. As a nature photographer, she has captured images whose messages reach far beyond the borders of the photograph. The Present Perspective concept is her unique vision for harnessing the power of natural symbolism to examine, interpret and enhance our life journey. Mary is available for private sessions, workshops and speaking engagements. Please contact her by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call (702) 233-8291 to schedule your private session.